Academic Support

Registered students who find it difficult to cope with the demands of the academic studies are also provided with support.

  • Peer Tutors

Top performing students are selected to assist their peers who have difficulty in a particular subject. This peer to peer support enables the tutees to ask questions to their peers in an atmosphere that is relaxed and non-threatening but very beneficial academically. The peer tutors also receive support from their lecturers to ensure the best for the tutees.


This is a computer based support programme that assist the students with areas that they may be lacking behind. The programme assist the student from where they are at to a level that is required and beyond. Lecturers provide guidance as to the identified areas that the student needs support on.

  • Extra Classes

In addition to the above mentioned support programmes, extra classes are conduct by lecturers or guest lecturers for a topic that seems to be challenging to students. This provides additional and alternative methods of learning material that is taught in class such as team teaching.