Health & Wellness


The College understands that students sometimes face situations that are personal or social in nature, but these situations or challenges have a negative impact on the students’ academic performance. It is because of that reason that the College provides counselling and life skills session to students who are in need. Of course you have to champion your own course, that is to inform the Student Support Officers or your lecturers about the challenges you may be facing that may affect your academic progress and success negatively.

 Life Skills sessions are open to all students who wish to strengthen their coping skills and be empowered with how to deal with difficult life issues. Students are encouraged to check notice boards for these workshops/ sessions. Topics covered include: Assertiveness, Goal setting, Decision-making, Relationships, trauma, substance abuse, job readiness, study skills, exam preparations etc.

“A healthy body brings a healthy mind”, as a young person it is important to take care of your health. The College will support you in keeping a healthy mind and body.

 Primary Health Care at Campus

The college prides its self by having a Professional Nurse available at each campus to attend to student’s primary health care needs. This service is youth focused and tailored for the students at the college.

  • HEAIDS Activations

The college is actively part of the HEAIDS programme which develops and support HIV mitigation programmes at public universities and TVET Colleges. These activations are conducted in an effort to address and encourage positive healthy lifestyle. We also host other campaigns aimed at raising awareness on health and wellness matters.


All new students who register with the College are taken through a comprehensive … days Orientation and Induction programme. Orientation and Induction is conducted to ensure that new students are aware and made familiar with their campus for ease of access to facilities and services. It is important for every student to understand and know what is required for one to succeed with their studies before commencing with their College journey. It is said that new students who attend orientation and induction tend to be more successful with their studies.