Well Being

Mopani South East Technical and Vocational Education and Training College has the well-being of students at heart and as a result, it offers a range of services aimed at assisting and supporting students in their endeavour to be successful citizens.

The following services are available at all our campuses:

  • Libraries: Both campuses have library facilities.
  • Career counselling and advice: Both campuses offer service aimed at assisting students with career choices and advice based on their personality, career interests, aptitude and abilities.
  • Job seeking and placement: Students are assisted with preparation for job interviews, writing of Curriculum Vitae and several other activities on the way to meaningful employment.
  • Personal counselling: Counselling services are provided on both sites for students who have personal problems. Counselling covers a range of issues such as relationship problems, HIV/AIDS matters, teenage pregnancies, trauma counselling, substance abuse etc. A professional Student Counselling Officer is available on a regular basis on all the campuses and where necessary students are referred to other health and professional practitioners.
  • Life skills training: Life skills training is provided to students at both campuses. Life skills training covers areas such as time management, goal setting, time management, problem solving, study methods, assertiveness, etc.
  • Financial Support: All students registered with the college qualify to apply for a bursary
  • Sports: In an endeavour to development of learners holistically, the college presents students with opportunities to participate in various sporting codes. The sporting codes include soccer, netball, volleyball, softball, rugby, chess, pool, athletics, beauty pageant and other cultural activities. Facilities are available at Phalaborwa and Sir Val Duncan campuses for all these sporting activities.
  • Clinic: The College in partnership with the Department of Health provides health related programmes at both campuses. Two professional nurses are available throughout the year to assist the students.

These services play a crucial role in ensuring success in education and training and development of individual learners holistically. The following offices may be contacted for assistance.


Counselling Office
Student Wellness & Academic Office Phalaborwa Campus: 015 781 1377
Student Wellness & Academic Office Sir Val Duncan Campus: 015 769 1513/14
Students Representative Council Phalaborwa/ Sir Val Duncan Campus