Principal’s Message

It is at times difficult to clearly define what a TVET College is or who is it for. The TVET College attempts to be a ‘one-size fits all institution’ providing programmes that accommodate everybody who sees education and training as the key to moving forward in their lives. Note that before you begin to enrol as a student, you will have to find out which is the best programme or qualifications for you and the first step is to explore the College’s website.Mopani SE TVET College has a prestigious infrastructure and a most conducive location for an educational institution which is an important element which separate it from other institutions of higher learning. I would wish for this uniqueness and privileged institution to be student’s launching pad, the motivating factor for one and all, especially students, to strive for their academic excellence.Dear students, you are the centre of focus in this whole learning institution that is why the name, fame and future of this institution rest in your capable hands. You should understand that opportunities such as associating yourself with Mopani SE TVET College come once in a lifetime, therefore they have to be seized. I strongly believe in the concept that education should be so revolutionised so as to answer the wants of the poor. Mopani SE TVET College combines high academic excellence commensurate with the important goal of social justice and national goals that include empowerment of large sections of the historically marginalized population by providing student employability opportunities.We are very proud of our excellent reputation for providing programmes or qualifications or courses that meet the needs and interests of all the communities, whoever they are. Whatever your age, whatever your career ambitions are, Mopani SE TVET College can in one way or the other assist you in achieving such aspirations.