Campus Manager: Mr. MJ Mabuza

It is a great pleasure to welcome all our students to this new academic year. We are delighted that you have chosen Sir Val Duncan Campus as your place of learning as you embark on your life journey to achieve a successful vocation or career.

Our campus offers Engineering programmes in both National Certificate Vocational and NATED. Through this programmes, we hope that we will be able impart a vast of knowledge and life skills development that will exceed your expectations and we look forward to sharing your successes into the future.

The campus has grown tremendously in terms of infrastructure with the aim of keeping learning relevant to you and we are confident that we will deliver quality education and training as we have competent lecturers.

Dear learners, I wish to remind you that you are here to push the frontiers of knowledge at the same time unravel the mysteries of human experience. You have joined us at a time when higher education is undergoing rapid and dramatic transformation.

We live in an era where knowledge is growing to be of an utmost importance in addressing the world’s most pressing problems, where technology promises both wondrous possibilities and profound dislocations, where global forces increasingly shape our lives and work, and where public expectations and demands of higher education are intensifying.

The beginning of your college life marks one of the most important transitions of your live. Over the next three years, you will learn an incredible amount of information. You will refine your abilities to think critically and to express your ideas. Welcome to Sir Val Duncan Campus.




Civil Engineering and Construction

Electrical Infrastructure Construction

Enigneering and Related Design

Information Technology and Computer Science

Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)

Mechanical Engineering (Diesel)

Mechanical Engineering (Fitting and Turning)

Mechanical Engineering (Boilermaking)

Millwright Electrical/Mechanical